Importance of Gum Recession Treatment

Treating Gum Recession

For many, recession can be a symptom of a greater, underlying dental issue. Some of the key reasons to treat gum recession early on include:

  • May reduce the risk of loose teeth
  • Reduces pain and discomfort associated with inflammation of the gum tissue
  • Reduces tooth sensitivity
  • Restores a healthy looking smile
  • May reduce the risk of gum disease and other oral health problems

Treat Recession Today!

Importance of gum recession treatment

The Effects of Untreated Gingival Recession in Valencia, CA

Gingival recession is considered by many professionals to be a serious condition. Without treatment, severe damage to teeth – including tooth loss – can occur. Patients suffering from symptoms such as sensitive teeth in Valencia, CA should contact Dr. David Goldberg as soon as possible.

Cosmetic Problems

Without treatment, gingival recession can lead to several undesirable cosmetic issues. One of the most common complaints is that of a “toothy” smile. This is because the gum line is shorter and has left larger areas of the teeth exposed. This results in teeth that appear larger or longer than normal. Receding gum lines also increase the rate and severity of root damage or decay, which can leave teeth susceptible to further complications or looking otherwise unappealing.

Functional Problems

Treating gum recession is important, as many complications surrounding oral health and functionality can arise. For example, exposed tooth roots often cause sensitive teeth which can impede your ability to eat hot or cold foods. Receded gum lines also leave the roots more vulnerable to plaque and bacteria which can easily result in cavities. Finally, extreme cases of gingival recession can even lead to loose or missing teeth. Once the teeth loosen and start to shift around in the mouth, jaw pain can occur as well.

Gum Recession Treatment

Gingival recession can be treated in a number of ways depending on the cause and severity. For cases where periodontal disease is the cause of gum recession, pocket depth reduction coupled with a tissue regeneration procedure may be the most effective. These procedures involve cleaning out the periodontal pockets and placing a regenerative material over the area to stimulate tissue regrowth. More severe cases may require a soft tissue graft or the highly innovative Pinhole Surgical Technique™, both of which return gum tissues to healthier levels.

Patients who are experiencing symptoms such as sensitive teeth in Valencia, CA may be suffering from gum recession. Contact Dr. Goldberg for information about treating gingival recession today!