Gum Recession Prevention

Preventing Gum Recession

Some of the best ways to prevent gum recession include:

  • Using the Right Brushing Technique
  • Avoiding Clenching and Grinding the Teeth
  • Receiving Treatment for Misalignment of the Teeth
  • Breaking Bad Habits that Irritate the Gums
  • Wearing a Nightguard

You Can Help Prevent Recession

Gum Recession

How to Prevent Receding Gums in Valencia, CA

Treating gum recession is probably something most people would prefer to avoid. This is why it is best to take precautions to prevent gum recession altogether. Patients of Dr. David Goldberg can follow these steps to help prevent receding gums in Valencia, CA:

  • Maintain good oral hygiene
  • Avoid tobacco use
  • Treat gum disease early on
  • Protect your mouth from bruxism

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Keeping your mouth clean and free of bacteria is the best way to prevent gum disease and gum recession. Good oral hygiene includes brushing and flossing every day as well as scheduling regular checkups and cleanings with Dr. Goldberg. It is also important to avoid over aggressive brushing, as this can damage tissue and contribute to gum recession. Our hygiene staff can provide you with proper home care techniques during your visit.

Avoid Tobacco Use

Living a healthy lifestyle is not just good for your body, but for your teeth and gums as well. Smoking is a secondary risk factor for gum disease, a major contributor to gum recession. Applying smokeless tobacco to gum tissues can directly impact the health of the gums and often results in recession.

Treat Gum Disease Early On

No matter how effective your oral hygiene regimen is, some patients carry a genetic predisposition toward gum disease. If this is the case, it is best to get treatment as soon as possible. This means visiting Dr. Goldberg before the infection advances past the stage of gingivitis, as moderate to severe cases generally result in gum recession.

Protect Your Mouth from Bruxism

Bruxism – or chronic teeth grinding – can be highly damaging to gum tissue. In some cases, the habit will correct itself over time. However, it may be necessary to wear a protective nightguard if it does not.

When the gum tissues recede, they will not return to normal levels on their own. For more information on how to prevent receding gums in Valencia, CA, contact Dr. Goldberg to schedule your consultation today!