Teeth Whitening

In-Office Options Get Better Results!

While whitening products bought at a pharmacy offer some results, in-office or dentist supervised options will get you better results!

We offer better results because:

  • We Have Stronger Bleaching Agents
  • We Use Custom Made Mouthpiece Trays
  • We Use Additional Protective Measures
  • We Have Better Treatment Planning
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Tray Based Whitening You Can Do At Home

tray based whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening in Valencia, CA

There are many different products available to help combat discolored or stained teeth. Most drugstores carry teeth whitening pastes, rinses, strips, or gels. However, these over the counter products are not as effective as what you can get from a dental office. Patients interested in teeth whitening in Valencia, CA can contact Dr. David Goldberg for the most effective results.

How does professional teeth whitening work?

The products used by dental professionals are much safer and more effective than what you will find over the counter. There are two main types of teeth whitening you can choose from:

  • Tray based teeth whitening – This process uses custom made trays that are designed specifically to fit your mouth to disperse a whitening solution evenly across all teeth. Once filled with the whitening solution, the trays are to be worn for a specified period of time as determined by the strength of the product. Depending on how discolored or stained teeth are, the treatment can take a few weeks to complete. This method can be done at home and requires only a single appointment.
  • In office teeth whitening – This is usually the quickest and most effective way to whiten stained teeth. We will apply a bleaching agent to the teeth before utilizing a special light to speed up the process. Although one to two visits may be required, noticeable results can usually be seen right away. Each session can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

To find out which method of teeth whitening is best for you, contact our office and schedule your appointment today!

What are the benefits of professional teeth whitening?

Although over the counter teeth whiteners are probably less expensive and more convenient, they do not provide the same results. Professional treatments will whiten your stained teeth much quicker and more effectively than what you can find at the store. There are several reasons for this:

  • The bleaching agent is stronger.
  • The trays are designed to fit your mouth specifically.
  • Gum irritation is controlled.
  • Dr. Goldberg will develop an individual treatment plan just for you.

You can achieve the bright, healthy looking smile you have always desired! Patients with discolored or stained teeth can contact Dr. Goldberg to learn more about professional teeth whitening in Valencia, CA today!